1. How to buy.
  2. FAQS
  3. Payment methods.
  4. Shipping conditions.
  5. Return policy or product changes.

  1. How to buy

The user wishing to acquire the products on the web must necessarily take the following steps:

  1. The user selects the product model you wish to purchase and also in cases of boots and shoes, you must use the dropdown to indicate the size chosen.
  2. After choosing the product, the user prick on the icon labeled "Add to cart". Thus, in the upper right of the webpage, the description will the number of products to be acquired. At this point, you can increase (or decrease)the number of products you want, clicking, respectively icon in order "+" or "-".This procedure can be repeated as many times as you like, with one or several products. Only when you clickthe icon "Buy", formalized the acquisition.
  3. At this point, the user must successfully complete paragraphs "e-mail address" and "Password". All data will benecessarily true, assuming the user's responsibility to correct any errors or inaccuracies.In cases where the user has not yet registered, you must complete the data in the link section as indicated in"logged". Data collected in this section, will be treated in accordance with current legislation on data protection(LOPD, n. 15/99), with the sole purpose of meeting the requests of customers and maintain relationships with them to through future newsletters on CUPLE promotional activities.
  4. In any case, users may exercise their rights under the Data Protection Act (access, rectification, opposition and cancellation), by sending a letter, enclosing a photocopy of the DNI to the following address:


Ref. Protección de Datos – CUPLE shop online

Dirección: C/Albert Einstein, 2. Elche Parque Industrial 03203 Elche - Alicante (España).

    1. Once registered, the user will receive the password associated with your email account. Both will be used only and exclusively for purchases Once properly compiled two sections ("e-mail address" and "Password"), the user must click on the "Send".
    2. This way, you will have access to the "User Zone" where the same may, if desired, change contact details. If that was not necessary, the user, to formalize the purchase procedure, you must click on the "Send".
    3. At this point, the user can choose the method of payment "Credit Card" and "Bank Transfer". If the user chooses the option "Credit Card", the following inscription: Credit Card Payment. Then start the buying process online using credit card.To do this, you will go to the payment gateway virtual BBVA, where you can make payment with all guarantees. Once the payment gateway will return to our store and purchase will have been effective. Please do not close your browser until this process is completely finished. "
    4. All problems of a technical, legal or navigation from access to the payment gateway of BBVA may not be charged to CUPLE.
      1. The user shall pay said account, the total backorder (product + shipping, which appear at the top right of the screen). As soon as the financial institution informs CUPLE payment completion, CUPLE the user shall send the products purchased. At any time, the user will have available an e-mail address ( and the phone number 966-655 652 to request any assistance in conducting purchases.


If you wish to clarify any aspect of the conditions of use described, please contact the following addresses:

- doing so through email or by regular mail to CUPLE'S CADENA S.L.., Ref. Tienda CUPLÉ, C/Albert Einstein, 2. Elche Parque Industrial 03203 Elche - Alicante (España).

Provider identification data

CIF: B-53257358

Address: C/Albert Einstein, 2. Elche Parque Industrial 03203 Elche - Alicante

Tel: 865603835


Registered in the Register of Alicante, Volume 2319 , Book 0, Folio 112, Section 8, Sheet A 58 223

      1. FAQS
      • How can I buy in

To make a purchase you must be registered as user, then select the item you want to buy, model, size and colour and confirm your delivery data. If the purchase was made correctly you will receive an email with the order form.

      • What forms of payment can I use?

You can pay at by: bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery (with a surcharge of € 4).

      • My credit card was rejected. Why?

This happened for one of the following reasons:

Card expired: verify that the card has not exceeded the expiration date.

Incompatible card: the payment gateway accepts Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. If your card does not correspond to any of these forms of payment, it may not be compatible.

Fraudulent or unsecured card: payment gateway has a security system that will force you to make a number of verification codes to confirm the authentication of the person making the purchase. If these codes are not correct, the request will be rejected and you will have to repeat the operation.

      • I cannot make my purchase by credit card. What should I do?

You have 3 more different options to make the payment, bank transfer, Paypal .

      • Claim sheet
      • In compliance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, we place at your disposal the claims sheet through the following link: Download PDF

      1. Payment methods

You can buy at using three different methods: Paypal and Credit card.

- Paypal

PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders. It is subject to the US economic sanction list, and subject to other rules and interventions required by US laws or government.

All the information which is sent to PayPal is sent securely (all the data is encrypted) so that even if intercepted by anyone while passing across the Internet, the information cannot be extracted. Only PayPal can decipher the data.

(PayPal uses "SSL security" which is the industry standard way to send sensitive information in a highly encrypted form across the Internet. Virtually all on-line stores and banks use this same system.)

- Credit Card:

Payment using your card via virtual TPV.

      1. Shipping conditions
      • Where can I get my order?

You can receive it in the direction you choose (home, work, etc.) but never in PO. Cuplé ships to any country listed at the online store at the time of registration.

You can also pick it up in store (free shipping costs to mainland Spain on orders over 20€). This option is only available in the stores listed in the dropdown that appears when you make a purchase.

      • When will I receive my order?

Orders placed on will take, after confirming the payment, about 6 days to be delivered if you selected ‘Home delivery’ and a maximum of 9 working days if you selected ‘Store Pickup’.


- Spain (mainland): 3/8 working days.

- Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 8/10 working days.

- International: 10/20 working days.

      • If I selected ‘Store Pickup’, when can I pick up my order?

Within the estimated period of receipt of order (9 days), the store you selected will call you to notify than you can pick your order. It is necessary to show the Order Form sent to you by email to pick the order.

*In Christmas and Holidays time the orders can be delayed 7 days.

*In period of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday the orders can be delayed 10 days.

In period of Sales or Promotions, discount coupons will be subject to reduced availability. They will remain deactivated during special campaigns (Blackfriday, CupleDay, Happydays, etc).


- In SALES periods the ‘Store Pickup’ option will not be available.

- On orders below 20€ the ‘Store Pickup’ will have a shipping cost of 6€.

- In the ‘Store Pickup’ option of Balearic Islands and Canary Islands stores the shipping costs will be 10€.

- In the ‘Store Pickup’ option for Ceuta and Melilla stores the shipping cost will be 12€.

      • Shipping costs

Shipping costs are spread over various rates, depending on your city and/or country of residence.

Zona 2: Alemania, Italia, Reino Unido.

Zona 3: Austria, Bélgica, Francia, Luxemburgo.

Zona 4: Andorra, Rep. Checa.

Zona 5: Dinamarca, Polonia, Irlanda, Suecia,Vaticano, Mónaco y San Marino.

Zona 6: Bulgaria, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Estonia, Finlandia, Grecia, Letonia, Lituania, Rumania, Bosnia, Croacia, Noruega, Serbia, Suiza, Guernsey, Isla de Man, Jersey y Liechtenstein.

Zona 7: Estados Unidos, Argelia, Túnez.

Zona 8: Afganistán, Albania, Arabia Saudí, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaiján, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Bhután, Bielorrusia, Brunei, Camboya, China, Chipre, Corea del Norte, Corea del Sur, Egipto, Emiratos Arabes, Filipinas, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Irak, Irán, Israel, Japón, Jordania, Kazajistán, Kirguizistán, Kuwait, Laos, Líbano, Libia, Macao, Macedonia, Malasia, Malta, Marruecos, Moldavia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, Nueva Zelanda, Omán, Pakistán, Qatar, Rusia, Singapur, Siria, Sri Lanka, Tailandia, Taiwán, Timor Oriental, Togo, Turkmenistán, Turquía, Ucrania, Uzbekistán, Vietnam, Yemen, Anguilla, Antigua&Barbuda, Antillas Holandesas, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belice, Bermudas, Bolivia, Bonaire, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colmbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Granada, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Guayana, Guayana Francesa, Haití, Honduras, Islas Caimán, Islas Turks y Caicos, Islas Vírgenes (UK), Islas Vírgenes (US), Jamaica, Martinica, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Rep. Dominicana, San Kitts&Nevis, San Vicente y Granadinos, Trinidad&Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, Angola, Benin, Birmania, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cabo Verde, Camerún, Centroafrica, Rep.Chad, Congo Rep. Democrática, Congo, Rep. Popular, Costa de Marfil, Djibouti, Eriteria, Gabón, Gambia, Ghana, Groenlandia, Guam, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Ecuatorial, Guinea República, Isla Marshall, Islandia, Islas Comores, Islas Cook, Islas Faroe, Islas Fiji, Islas Reunión, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madgascar, Malawi, Maldivas, Mali, Mauricio, Mauritania, Mayotte, Mozambique, Namibia, Níger, Nigeria, Nueva Caledonia, Palau, Palestina, Papua Nueva Guinea, Polinesia Francesa, Ruanda, Samoa, Samoa Americana, Senegal, Seychelles, Sudáfrica, Sudan, Surinam, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Vanuatu, Wallis and Fotuna.

Zone 9: Netherland, Hungary. From 0 to 150€: shipping costs 24€. Up to 150€: shipping costs 17€

In case of any promotion of Free Shipping, it will only be available in Spain peninsula, Balearic Islands, Melilla and Portugal, unless other areas are specifically indicated.

      1. Return policy or product changes
      • Can I return or exchange an item purchased at the online store?

If you receive a defective product you will have 15 working days from the date of purchase to return it. Shipping costs of this return will be paid by Cuplé.

In case you want to return the product for a change of size, colour or because any other personal reason without the product damaged, shipping costs will be your responsibility.


- OVERSEAS RETURNS: In the returns made abroad Cuplé will not refund the money, but will provide a voucher for the amount of the purchase to redeem in with no expiration date. The redeemable amount will not include shipping costs.

- In time of sale delivery period may be extended to 9 working days.

- JEWELRY: jewelry costing less than 35€ will not allow change or return.

      • What is the process for applying for refund?

To make the return of a product you should contact Cuplé sending an email to with the subject: "Product Return" and your order number explaining the reasons of why you want to make the return. As soon as we receive it we will proceed to tell you the next steps.

      • How will I receive the amount of the refund?

After confirming that the item has been returned and is in perfect conditions, you will receive a confirmation email and we will make the refund to the bank account you provided in a maximum of 15 working days (Spanish purchases only) or we will make you a voucher with a code to spend in our online store (International purchases).

      • Shipping costs of returning the order:

If you receive a defective product shipping costs of this return will be paid by Cuplé.
If the return is because a change of size, colour or because any other personal reason without the product damaged, shipping costs will be your responsibility.

      • Conditions to proceed with the return of a product

The returned product must be in perfect conditions.