All clothes should be washed with similar color garments.

Embellished clothes are very delicate and special. You have to be careful when wearing them and washing them. A small snag may cause their spoilage, therefore we recommend to treat them with care and try to avoid any kind of friction where the stones are applied.

Many of our clothes are handmade and this may cause fading when washing. For this reason we recommend washing them separate. This also can happen with our leather clothes because the leather is dyed in a traditional way in tanneries.

Guide how to take care of your leather pieces

Kid suede and cow suede

These two types of leather appear to be very similar but have significant differences:

· Kid suede has short hair, originates from the goat and it is more delicate than cow suede.

· Cow suede has longer hair and originates from cow.

Ideally you should take care of both materials with specific products, but a good "home made" way is to use a slightly damp (not wet) brush that has hard bristles and put a drop of PH neutral soap on it and brush the leather strongly.

Even though it should not remain wet, allow the leather to dry outside its box/closet for a few hours.

Leather (napa)

This type of leather is much durable than the previous ones, showing less staining and has a better resistance against rain and snow.

· In the case of, you should clean them with a damp towel and go over the shoe then with a dry cloth (cotton if possible). If you use soap, it must be neutral and as gentle as possible so as not to clog the natural pores and prevent the skin from cracking eventually.

The webs from cracking is the result of deep dehydration of the skin (like body skin) and to maintain or regain their natural beauty it is advisable not to use creams and polishes acids and colorless.

Patent leather

Patent leather is easier to maintain (but very sensitive to scratches) and it is cleaned using a damp cloth with a few drops of soap material. After removing the dirt is rubbed with a dry cloth to revive the shine.